Roseville Council to Vote on Twin Lakes Subsidies April 25

At our next "Town Hall" meeting at Central Park School on April 25, the Roseville City Council will vote on $40 million in public subsidies for the controversial Twin Lakes development (which includes a "big box" shopping center near Langton Lake.) 

Should the city council give away millions to profit-making retailers and developers, or should we insist that public money be spent only for public goods and services? For example, $40 million would fund the Harriet Alexander Nature Center for over 400 years. It would buy more than 100 new chillers for the Oval. $40 million is four times the cost of Roseville's renovated city hall - it could build and run a first class community center, with money to spare. $40 million would allow the city to hire and keep more staff in key service positions (such as police, firefighters, and maintenance workers). It would provide long term funding for road replacement, park improvements, and maintaining our public facilities. 

With serious city budget pressures and increasing property tax burdens on Roseville residents, such an outrageous give-away to private businesses can't be justified. What a great shame if Roseville joins the ranks of foolish local governments who give millions in tax dollars to add to the profits of mega-retailers like Costco and Wal-Mart! To preserve our quality of life, we need to use our public money wisely for vital community needs. 

Three council members have consistently supported the huge public subsidies developer Rottlund Homes is demanding for the Twin Lakes project. Now is the time for concerned Roseville taxpayers to tell them what you think. 

Amy Ihlan
Roseville City Council Member