Note that all four newspapers require letters to the editor to be signed and include your address and telephone number (just for verification - the address and number is never published).  It would be appreciated if you would send a copy of your letter to RCL.

PIONEER PRESS (150 word limit*)
345 Cedar Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
651-228-5564 (fax)
They accept letters to the editor at letters@pioneerpress.com
Deadline noon Wednesday for publication in the North Suburban edition the following Sunday.  The Sunday North Suburban edition  has been VERY good at publishing Roseville citizen letters
Please forward a copy to RCL

STAR TRIBUNE (250 word limit*)
Editorial Department
425 Portland Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55488
612-673-4359 (fax)
Letters also may be submitted via Internet to opinion@startribune.com.
Please forward a copy to RCL

2515 E 7th Avenue
North St. Paul, MN 55109
651-777-8288 (fax)
They accept letters to the editor at roseville@lillienews.com
Deadline noon Thursday for publication the following Tuesday
Please forward a copy to RCL

3701 Reservoir Blvd
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
763-706-0891 (fax)
They accept letters to the editor at sunfocus@acnpapers.com
Deadline noon Friday for publication the following Friday
Please forward a copy to RCL

* The large city newspapers both have word limits, however, they have granted a little leeway for well written letters that weren't too long.  The Review and Focus are more lenient on letter length and seem to allow rather lengthy letters but of course subject to their space limitations and the number of other letters they receive.

To quote Steve Dornfeld of the Pioneer Press "Harold Higgins [publisher of the Pioneer Press], is a strong believer in providing a forum for our readers to air their views about what's going on not only in the state and nation, but also in their local community.   In April, [he] provided an additional half-page of space in the Sunday Pioneer Press for letters to the editor on strictly local issues.  This page is zoned so localized packages of letters can be published in each of our six editions City, North Suburban, South Suburban, Washington County, greater Minnesota and Wisconsin.   [we'd] like to hear your views about the issues that are closer to home about that proposal to raise school fees or cut library hours, to eliminate that troublesome freeway bottleneck or do something about the dangerous intersection in your neighborhood."

"The rules for letters to the editor are simple. The length limit is 200 words. Letters must be signed and include an address and telephone number (for verification purposes, only).  Letters should be original to us. We give preference to letters from readers in our circulation area, and we reserve the right to edit for problems involving length, grammar, accuracy, good taste and libel.  And please, try to stick to the point. "The letters that really crack me up are the ones that go on and on, and then in the last paragraph say, 'What I really want to say is,' " says [letters editor Jim] Tarbox. "That's the paragraph we'll use.''