The Twin Lakes redevelopment proposed by Rottlund Homes has generated considerable controversy.  At this time the Roseville Citizens League (RCL) is not taking a position on the proposal because our membership has not arrived at a consensus regarding this issue.  RCL has decided to serve in an educational capacity by presenting the facts from both sides so that citizens can make up their own minds and communicate their opinions to the City Council.

RCL has provided citizens with the opportunity to pose questions regarding the project on our website since August of 2004 and allowed City officials and the Redeveloper the opportunity to answer them.  The questions and answers can be seen by clicking on the following link:

Questions and answers regarding Twin Lakes Redevelopment proposal

The City and Redeveloper have progressed to the point where they are preparing what is known as a "Term Sheet."  This document is supposed to detail the specific obligations of both parties.  To review this document and comment on it click on the following link:

Twin Lakes Redevelopment Project Term Sheet

To read the many newspaper articles written on the Twin Lakes redevelopment project click on the "Newspaper articles" link at the left and then use your browser's FIND function (Ctrl-F in Microsoft Internet Explorer) to searchj for "Twin Lakes."

Click here to see a Chronology of Council Action/Hearings on Twin Lakes