The Roseville Citizens Council for Fair and Open Government (RCCFOG) is sponsoring a campaign to force the City Council to recognize the problems within the new policy structure instituted in January 2002.  Citizens are no longer recognized as part of the decision-making process and are often barred from speaking at the Council Meetings.  The Mayor’s behavior is often abusive toward City Staff, Council Members, and Citizens.  We believe that this must be corrected.

We are asking citizens who agree that our Council must change contact us for a Save Roseville lawn sign (click on the Lawn sign center link at the left).  We are also circulating a petition asking for the voluntary resignation of Mayor John Kysylyczyn (click on the Sign petition link at the left).  Click here for a summary of the reasoning behind this drastic action.  To see the two count criminal complaint filed against him by the acting city attorney for violation of state statutes regarding conflict of interest and misconduct of a public official click here.  To see the judge's ruling on the complaint click here.  You will need to use your browser's back button to come back to this page.  

We are urging citizens to display a lawn sign and sign our petition.

We also have tapes of “highlights” of the Mayor’s outrageous behavior at City Council Meetings.  If you are convinced that the Mayor should resign and you are willing to speak to others, let us know.  We can provide petitions and brief videotapes to show your friends and neighbors.  Once people see what is going on we are sure they will demand a change.

If you are willing to sign our petition, display a sign, or help, click on Contact RCCFOG.  You can place your sign order online, on the phone or via e-mail.   You can also sign our petition online.  Tapes, signs, and petitions can be delivered to you.

We strongly recommend watching the council meetings.  The "See Council Meetings" link at the left describes the various ways to view the meetings.  

Assuming you have installed the free RealOne player (see #6 on the See Council meetings the link), the internet provides the most convenient way to watch the meetings.  You can observe the 15 minutes of the council meeting where Mr. Kysylyczyn did not abstain from voting on paying his $8532 personal legal bill and doing so without notifying anyone on the council that he had a personal interest in the item.  Go to, click on "New Webcasts", on the next screen click on "Webcast Link" next to Roseville, on the next page click on the June 17, 2002 council meeting.  RealOne Player will start up and load the meeting. You should see the screen below.

Put your cursor on the elapsed time slider button at the bottom of the screen and move the ball to the right until the time display at the upper right reads 3:11:08/4:19:09.  You may need to use the "fine tuning" time adjustments (the 3rd and 4th circles at the bottom with left and right arrows in them) in order to get to the exact times shown.  Mr. Kysylyczyn is shown voting on  the Consent Agenda including item L where his legal bill is buried.   This takes about 50 seconds.  Then advance the time line to read 3:21:33/4:19:09.  That will put you at the beginning of the discussion on the issue of paying his legal bill. The part of the discussion concerning this issue runs to 3:35:05.

To see a table summarizing the voting record of the council from 1/1/02 through the 9/23/02 meeting which shows the percentage of times each member voted independently of mayor John Kysylyczyn (based on the city's official records published on the it's website) click here.