Roseville Community Parliamentary Symposium

Presented by

Thomas J. Gmeinder
Registered Professional Parliamentarian


Saturday, January 25, 2002
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Ramsey County Library, Roseville Branch
2180 Hamline Avenue North

This is an opportunity you will not want to miss!

Thomas Gmeinder, internationally renown as one of the world’s foremost   professional parliamentarians, will lead a symposium on January 25 from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Roseville Branch of the Ramsey County Library.  Mr. Gmeinder has taught thousands of people how to have meetings that produce results and save time.  He is certified to teach parliamentary procedure and  will be sharing his extensive knowledge to help you conduct better meetings.

Mr. Gmeinder says, “The correct use of parliamentary procedure promotes common sense and common courtesy.  Those who understand and use parliamentary procedure to its best advantage are able to conduct democratic, flexible meetings where members rights are protected and a fair hearing is assured for all.”  He adds, “Robert’s Rules of Order is not meant to be used as a weapon, but rather as a time-tested tool to facilitate the meeting process.”

Through this instructive session, Mr. Gmeinder will teach you the purpose and importance of agendas, how to insure your group’s members get their say, how to present, move and vote on motions, and the use of “seconds.”

Registration is easy and free of charge, but space is limited!  To reserve a place at the seminar, call 651-603-1900 or click here to register online no later than January 22, 2002.  The first twenty people to register will receive a copy of the informative pamphlet A-B-C’s of Parliamentary Procedure at no charge.  Better meetings are just a phone call or a click away – sign up today!

This symposium is offered without charge and solely as an educational
 tool for community members through sponsorships by
North Suburban Gavel Association, Roseville VFW, and
Roseville Citizens Council for Fair and Open Government