Letter to the Editor of the Roseville Review

Highway 36 Expansion needs Roseville's Support

Highway 36 carries thousands of commuters through Roseville every day. When this central traffic corridor becomes overcrowded and congested, traffic is diverted onto the city streets and County Roads in Roseville and neighboring communities. Roseville citizens should respectfully request that MnDOT and the state legislature expand Highway 36 expansion to three lanes each way before 2010. 

The Roseville Citizens League has advocated expansion of Highway 36 for three years and has requested the support of the Roseville City Council in bringing this issue to the attention of our legislative leaders and the officials at MnDOT. At the May 23rd meeting the Roseville City Council approved by a 4 to 1 vote a resolution urging the expansion of Highway 36. The Roseville Citizens League has received positive responses to this proposal from our state legislators and leaders. Significantly, the resolution passed by the City Council on May 23rd is the first time that a formal resolution has addressed the issue of traffic congestion on our state highways.

The resolution passed by the Roseville City Council requested the addition of a third lane in only the eastbound direction of Highway 36. This asymmetric expansion may seem unusual, but the concept was first presented by a MnDOT official to the city council at a study session on January 24th. The reason given for expansion of only the eastbound direction is the restriction to traffic at the western end of Highway 36 as it empties into Highways 35W and 280. At present, expansion of the westbound direction on Highway 36 will not relieve the congestion during the morning rush hour that is caused by the limited capacity of Highways 35W and 280. However, in the eastbound direction there is an opportunity to combine the construction activities for the third eastbound lane with the reconstruction of Lexington Avenue bridge (scheduled for completion by 2010). 

The Roseville Citizens League applauds the City Council for passing the Highway 36 resolution and encourages all Roseville citizens to participate in the governmental activities that are important to our community and speak up on the issues of greatest concern. 

Douglas Root
Highway 36 Task Force
Roseville Citizens League
2468 North Hamline Avenue