Consolidated Ramsey County 911 Call Center

The Roseville Review published a story in its 8/9/05 edition on this matter which included a table showing the respective costs to all the Ramsey County suburbs to consolidate the call center.  Click here to read the article.   Click on the "To view a chart of the Financial Implications of the Dispatch Center" link to get an updated version of the cost per city chart that appeared in the print edition of the paper.  To see what the percentage increase would be by city for each of the 5 payment plans click here For St Anthony, the current proposed payment plan would be 1031% of the cost of not consolidating while the average figure for all 16 suburbs is 373%.  

There are also several newspaper articles on this issue.  Click on the "Newspaper articles" link to see them. 

Currently St. Paul, Ramsey County, and several suburbs all operate their own 911 emergency call centers that are becoming obsolete. The Ramsey County Board has wisely voted to authorize an updated center that would consolidate all existing centers into one. The proposed agreement has St Paul, which is responsible for 73% of the calls, paying only 45% of the cost while the suburbs, which are responsible for 27% of the calls, would pay 55%. A suburbanite, therefore, will pay twice as much per call as someone in St Paul.

Ramsey County Commissioners Tony Bennett (who represents Arden Hills, Gem Lake, Mounds View, North Oaks, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights, and White Bear Township) and Victoria Reinhardt (who represents Maplewood, North St Paul and White Bear Lake) voted for the resolution authorizing this payment system  along with commissioners Tony Carter, Rafael Ortega and Jim McDonough (who all represent St Paul).

Jan Parker (who represents Roseville, Little Canada and Lauderdale) along with Janice Rettman (who represents St Paul and Falcon Heights) voted against the resolution authorizing this payment system.

The County is set to have a final vote on this at their 8/23/05 meeting.

If you live in commissioner Bennett or Reinhardt districts, and you think that itís unfair for you to pay twice as much for a 911 call as St. Paul residents, we recommend that you contact them.  Click on the links below for their complete contact information.

Commissioner Tony Bennett contact information

Commissioner Virginia Reinhardt contact information

The mayors of 10 Ramsey County suburbs signed a letter that appeared in the Pioneer Press on 8/4/05 that was critical of the currently proposed payment system.  Click here to read the letter (you will need to sign up to access the Pioneer Press article but it's free.

According to a 9/18/05 Pioneer Press editorial, the Ramsey County Commissioners had approved a plan to fund the center using a formula based 40% on a communities tax base and 60% on their call volume.