City Council creates ethics commission
Steve Scott, Pioneer Press
 June 17 2006

The city of Roseville has adopted a revised ethics code to govern the behavior of public officials and has created a new ethics commission.

The guidelines, which were approved this week by the City Council, will cover the mayor, City Council members, the city manager, city department heads and assistant department heads, as well as anyone appointed by the City Council to a commission, board or task force.

Ethics complaints against public officials would be submitted to the city attorney or, in the case of a paid city employee, to the city manager. The newly formed five-person ethics commission will review initial reports from the city attorney or city manager and make recommendations of possible action to the City Council.

The code requires public officials to attend yearly ethics seminars. It also specifies rules about holding incompatible offices or employment, the use of confidential information, receiving items of value directly or indirectly in consideration of official business, the holding of investments and other financial interests, and the use of city property.

Several of the provisions were similarly covered in the city's previous ethics resolution.

After recent council discussion, it was decided the code would not apply to city-hired consultants or attorneys. A provision also was removed that would have required public officials speaking on matters outside the city to identify themselves as representing their own interests, not necessarily the city's.

The City Council voted to disband its previous ethics commission in 2002.

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