MARISA AGHA, Pioneer Press
July 3, 2003

Two Roseville City Council members made it official Tuesday that they will seek the chamber's center seat.

Tom Kough and Craig Klausing each filed for mayor on the opening day of filing. Both plan to hold on to their council seats while seeking the mayor's office.

Kough, generally seen as the scrappy council's swing vote, said his experience as mayor of Austin, Minn., will help steer the city into a new era.

"I'm probably the only candidate that's got the time to devote to the job," said the retiree, who occasionally works part time as an operating steam engineer. "I think it's gotten to the point where Roseville needs a full-time mayor."

While Kough has long been pondering a run, the clincher came in recent weeks when the council rejected one of his pet projects, "Welcome to Roseville" signs, he said. Kough, elected to the council in 2001 in a squeaker, was particularly peeved by Klausing's opposition to the signs.

Klausing, who often clashes with current Mayor John Kysylyczyn, said he's running because he wants to "restore a sense of civility to council business."

"I think that w e need a change in leadership at the council level," said the 47-year-old attorney. "I think my temperament and personal style and my experience in the community make me the most qualified."

Klausing denied Kough's charge that he was negative toward him.

"I've always felt that I've been very positive and constructive," Klausing said, and he said he intends to run his campaign the same way.

It is still unknown whether Kysylyczyn will run again. On Wednesday, the mayor was not talking. "There isn't anything to comment on until filing closes," Kysylyczyn said.

In addition, Stuart Shwiff, a 39-year-old marketing consultant, filed for incumbent Dean Maschka's council seat. Shwiff said he wants to use his management experience to help calm the council's contentiousness. Maschka has said he plans to run again.

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