Conflict charges against Roseville mayor dismissed
Star Tribune 3/26/03

A misdemeanor conflict-of-interest charge against Roseville Mayor John Kysylyczyn was dismissed Tuesday, providing what's certain to be a major prop in this year's election campaign.

In a case whose origins go back two years, Ramsey County District Judge Marybeth Dorn ruled that Kysylyczyn didn't violate the law by voting to have the city pay his own legal fees in fighting an ethics complaint. She ruled that the legal fees were not a contract with the city, which is the basis of a conflict of interest under state law.

While saying Kysylyczyn may not have violated the law, however, Dorn wrote, "It is difficult to construe Kysylyczyn 's vote as anything but in conflict with his duty as a public officer to refrain from acting on a matter in which he had a direct personal interest."

Kysylyczyn has been the target of a lawn-sign and petition campaign seeking his resignation. Meanwhile, he has been trying to have the city's primary election abolished, though a task force has urged that it be retained. Opponents have claimed that having a general election with many candidates would benefit Kysylyczyn as the incumbent.

Kysylyczyn said Tuesday he had been out of town and was unaware of the judge's decision. "I have a pretty good feeling this issue is far from over," he said.

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