Bill McAuliffe/Star Tribune

Published November 24, 2002

Resentment over how he was treated by City Hall over cars and parts in his driveway is what prompted John Kysylyczyn to run for mayor of Roseville in 1999.  Of course, a lot has happened since then -- including an ethics battle that has landed him in court.  But this week he got something done about his original gripe. 

The council approved a measure -- actually a provision in a contract with a new prosecuting attorney -- letting the council, rather than a city community development department employee, decide whether some code violations should be prosecuted. Kysylyczyn said it will allow for a healthy public hearing; City Council Member Craig Klausing argued that it politicizes a legal process.  

Does passage mean Kysylyczyn's work in Roseville is done?  "There's so much work around here to be done, I'm never going to finish," he said.   His term ends next year. Meanwhile, a petition drive to get him to resign continues, and he's due in court Dec. 18 on the ethics matter.

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