Roseville Ethics Commission

Project Results:

We are happy to report that on June 12, 2006 the Roseville City Council passed an ordinance re-establishing the Roseville Ethics Commission as well as a Code of Ethics.  

Applications for the five positions were accepted until Friday August 4, 2006.  The following people applied (their resumes are online on the city's website - scroll down to agenda item 9):

        * Appointed to Ethics Commission by the Council on 9/25/06

Historical information:
Back in the late 80's, RCL's predecessor organization, the Roseville Citizens Council for Fair and Open Government, developed and worked to have the city council pass a resolution establishing one of the first ethics commissions in the country.  This was done because several elected officials had conducted themselves in a way that people felt was inappropriate.  The commission was abolished in July of 2002 as it faced the prospect of reviewing a citizen's complaint alleging misconduct by, then mayor, John Kysylyczyn which eventually ended up as a criminal complaint.

The RCL believed that this commission is vital to allow proper discussion of actions by city officials that don't rise to the level of being illegal but are what most people would find objectionable.

The old Ethics Resolution can be seen here.

A citizen Ethics Task Force, chaired by David Schultz a professor of Public Sector Professional Ethics at Hamline University,  was assembled and submitted a recommendation for improvements to the Ethics Commission Resolution.  It can be seen here.  Unfortunately, none of the improvements suggested were implemented.

Early in 2006 RCL asked the Roseville City Council to re-establish our Ethics Commission by passing an ordinance which incorporates the original Ethics Resolution with the improvements recommended by the Ethics Task Force. 

In order to match the procedure used to establish the cities other commissions RCL proposed a pair of draft ordinances.  The first establishes the Ethics Commission itself while the second is a code of ethics.

Proposed ordinance establishing a Roseville Ethics Commission

Proposed ordinance establishing a Roseville Code of Ethics