Roger, here are answers to the questions you noted.  I hope it's okay I just responded by number rather than try to amend your original document.

2.  Virtually all of our signals are traffic actuated.  They each have a program that gives priority to some phases of the signal depending on traffic.  The signal does have to cycle through certain phases before it gets to your leg of the intersection - in other words the program does not skip over other phases to get to your leg.  If no one is at the phases preceding your turn they would cycle through at the minimum time but not skip that phase. 

8.  Questions 8, 10 and 12 I'll answer together.  Co Rd B is going to be disconnected permanently from 280 this summer.  The road will no longer qualify as a County State Aid Highway (CSAH) so the county will be in discussion with Roseville to transfer jurisdiction to the city.  Assuming this happens the city would have to take up the question of a path along this route.

9.  Snelling is State Trunk Highway 51.  The state has jurisdiction of the road.  As far as a trail is concerned the city may have some interest.

10.  See 8

11.  The current configuration of this intersection provides a reasonable level of service.  A left turn arrow would help those turning left but it would take service from other movements.  We have struck a reasonable balance to accommodate all users at this time.

16.  Snelling is a State Trunk Highway.  There were improvements last summer at Co Rd B.  To my knowledge nothing else is planned.

23.  I agree with Duane's response.

24.  Ramsey County is leading a design process for the Highway 36/Rice St Interchange.  This project includes the Co Rd B intersection.  Information is available on the WEB site     Ramsey County PW

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